Geology of the Kvarken Archipelago

Publication from 2004. The Kvarken Archipelago has undergone a long sequence of geological processes. What we can see today is one part of the geologic evolution of the earth’s crust: crystalline bedrock from ancient times and overburden representing young geologic processes as a heritage of the Ice Age. Ongoing geologic processes are rapidly and invariably changing the face of this unique area over the course of a human’s lifetime.

  • Author: Breilin, Olli; Kotilainen, Aarno; Nenonen, Keijo; Virransalo, Petri; Ojalainen, Jukka; Stén, Carl-Göran
  • Part of Work: Volyymi: 44, Julkaisusarja: Erikoisjulkaisut - Special Publications
  • Publisher: Geological Survey of Finland
  • Publication year: 2004
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